Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Wow! What an amazing weekend with my family.  My sweet sister took some amazing photos capturing precious moments. It's crazy with every holiday (and anything, really); Danny and I are overwhelmed when it comes to Addy being here.  As you all may know, we've lost two children.  Before, we would only daydream about all that we would do with them.  Now, it's become a reality. Addy's actually here, in the flesh, and we still pinch ourselves to make sure we're not dreaming.  She's an amazing gift that we graciously celebrate!  We're not only rejoicing in Christ's resurrection, but also Addy's life.  We're incredibly happy we’re doing life together! Thanks Aunt J for the beautiful pictures....

Yay! Life is good!

Aunt J calls this her model pose. 

The sweetest pic! Wow!

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