Saturday, August 18, 2012


     Yes, I post random things on my blog.  But, random things with meaning.  One very special person in my life wrote a blog about his college football team that brought goose bumps to my skin.  My hubby, Danny, is so excited about the new coach of the Ole Miss Rebels.  I'm not a football fan, but I’m becoming a huge fan of this coach. 
     Some say when you marry a person you marry his family/friends. I'm going to also add: you marry his football team.  I can't wait to see what this new coach will do in these players’ lives.  Coach Freeze is a man of faith so I will not be surprised if God works His amazing power in some of these players through Him.  It will be so amazing to watch the transformation.  It will be a process because they are in the wilderness as Coach Freeze mentions, but I fully believe his integrity and faith will take them to amazing places even if they don't succeed in winning every game. 

      Here's to Ole Miss football and their new head coach. May God be with them this season and show the team what it's like to really "win". 

If you watch any of this video, please watch the last 12 minutes.  It proves what this coach is all about:

How the West was Won: The Beginning of Restoration

As the season opener draws near, I can once again feel the excitement building inside of me. We are on a journey Rebel Nation, and it will take time. However, the seeds of success have been planted and are being watered. I remember my skepticism in December when Freeze was hired. I remember judging his lack of experience and wondering why we "settled". With my heart hardened, I watched the press conference at the Ford Center where Freeze was introduced as our new head coach. Less than 30 seconds into his speech my heart softened. In an moment of vulnerability and transparency, Freeze nearly broke down allowing everyone watching to see how grateful he was for this opportunity. As he continued, something inside of me began to change and an unfamiliar feeling began to stir in my heart... Hope. Freeze went on to lay out a plan to restore our program. While any coach could have and would have come up with a plan, Freeze's passion for the Lord, heartfelt desire to be here and confidence in our future is not something we would have found in another candidate. Yes, we have a long, tough road ahead and I think, for the most part, we are all well aware of it. Freeze is recruiting character and building character among existing players. The latter is far more difficult and a few consecutive losses early on could cause the weaker links to fall back into a hole. But that's why this is a process. Character transformation takes faith and time. Not an easy task but I'm encouraged by how far some of our players have come in only 9 months. As the title suggests, I truly believe great things await our program under this staff but these things are not likely to happen as quick as we would all desire. If you agree so far, you will also agree that our task as fans is also a tough one. We must remain committed to the current staff and stay optimistic. Below is an awesome 20 minute compilation of the beginning of the Freeze Era. 
Makes me proud to be a Rebel. Hotty Toddy!

Friday, August 3, 2012

A Letter of Love

My Dearly Loved,

            I wish you could see the beauty I see in you.  I wish you could feel my heart break when you don’t feel loved or beautiful.  I wish you knew the kind of love I have for you and how nothing could ever separate this deep love.  It’s hard to explain this type of love in words…there’s nothing else like it.  I wish you were aware of how many times I have counted each hair on your head.  Or, how I’ve engraved you on the palm of my hands.  I wish you could’ve been there to see them spit in my face. Or, to see my skin rip and tear when they flogged me.  I wish you could’ve been there when they hammered the crown of thorns deep into my flesh.  I wish you could’ve have seen me beaten, bruised and barely hanging on carrying the cross for you.  Or, to have seen each nail pierced painfully into my arms and feet.  I wish you could’ve been there to see me struggle for breath desperately wanting to go home, but hanging on until my Father's plan was fulfilled.  I wish you could’ve seen the darkness cover the land and the veil torn after my last breath.  I wish you could see the place I have prepared for you.  It’s called paradise where you will one day be with me. Where there will be no more tears or pain.  Just me and you together, forever.  
Don’t ever question how much I love you or how deep this love goes.  And if you ever do, remember what I’ve done for you on the cross.  I've given you things on this earth to enjoy, but It’s best you don’t focus on this world because it will cause you to stumble.  You also don’t have to focus on following the rules because the human race will always fall short.  I just ask that you love me with all of you heart and don’t forget to love others on your journey regardless of where they are in life.  I love them just the same as I love you.  Do not judge them for if you do, you’ll also be judged.  I will take care of the rest.  You don’t have to worry or fear, my sweet one.  I’ve paid for EVERYTHING and it was all for you.