Sunday, June 10, 2012

"The Brightest Little Star"

May his life shine through our love, support and prayers, and may the work of Compassion help him become "The Brightest Little Star”.

            Danny and I received a call that we weren’t expecting just a few days ago.  A call that was yet another reminder of how life is precious.  A sweet six-year-old little boy that we sponsor in Tanzania went to be with Christ on May 25, 2012.  He and his family were in a tragic car accident and he was the only one that did not survive.  We wanted more details, but unfortunately, this is all the information we received.  We wanted to be right there with his family holding them and wiping their tears. We wanted to remind them that their precious little boy was in Heaven with his Creator. 
          This little boy was born on November 18, 2005.  He drew us pictures and wrote us letters.  We sent him a picture of our bulletin board with his work showcased so he would know that we thought it was special to us.  We wanted him to know that we were proud of him as if he was part of our family.

          He would tell us about his family.  Some of the things he enjoyed doing was playing football (soccer), skipping and playing with cars.  Another favorite thing he mentioned was fetching water on three different occasions (he really liked this activity). He mentioned that he spent most of his time with his Dad.  Through him, I was humbled.  He made me realize that you can be happy without a lot the stuff.  He also reminded me of how blessed most of us are in this country.  I think this picture is a drawing of him fetching water with his Mom.  Danny thinks that it's his favorite activity because he gets to spend time with his mother.  Or, playing in water as a kid is pretty universal.


               We loved him even though we hardly knew him.  The definition of compassion is “a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering.”  After reading this definition, feelings of guilt crept in. I should’ve done so much more for him. I should've prayed for him and his family more. I should’ve written him more letters.  I should’ve told him that I loved him more. I should’ve visited him.  I felt selfish.  I didn’t feel compassionate at all.  Why do we feel this way after someone we love passes? Why don’t we do the things we wished we had done while they’re here so we don’t regret the things we didn’t do when they’re gone.  How many more reminders of this simple principle do I need to recieve before it’s too late?
            After the phone call, Danny and I made a commitment that the next life we bring into our family and the ones that are in it now will be cherished more.  We will do our very best to comply with this definition of compassion even if they're across the world. We will do all the things that we wished we had done for this little boy and more.  
            Please pray for the father, mother and three brothers of this family.  I don’t want to reveal names for their privacy.   Please pray for us that we make a conscious effort to love those with all that we have who are still here on this earth. Please pray that we cherish each moment and that we’re continuously humbled during this life so we can be more compassionate.... Carpe Diem.

Jeremiah 1:5 says that God knew you before He even formed you in the womb.  He thought of you and planned for you, specifically.  He made you with a very specific set of qualities, skills sets and emotions.  They may not be the qualities, skill sets and emotions that you would have chosen or desire but you were hand crafted with a purpose by the Creator of the Universe.  The next time you feel like you’re not good enough.  The next time you feel worthless.  The next time you feel unloved. Remember this, every single thing about you makes you the most qualified person in the world to do what God has called you to do.  So you do have a purpose, a very special one in fact. Following this purpose that God has laid out for you would likely result in tremendous self-worth and confidence.  God loves you so much and so do we! (Letter written by Danny to this sweet boy).

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