Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Cup Runneth Over....

55. Laughing so hard that it brings tears to my eyes.
56. Danny getting off of work early.
57. Addy's tiny feet and hands.
58. The ocean.
59. Raindrops
60. Thunderstorms on a lazy afternoon.
61. The miracle of life. 
62. God creating each person with unique qualities.
63. Apostle Paul's letters.
64. Ice cream sundaes.
65. God being in control of my life.
66. The sun's reflection on the moon.
67. The vibrant color of strawberries.
68. God spinning the world into motion.
69. The sun shining down on me big and bright reminding me of God's amazing love for me.
70. The mountains of Colorado.
71. Addy's things laying around reminding me that she is here with us on earth.
72. The peaceful geese at the cemetery.

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