Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My One Thousand Gift List Continues....

73. Danny's words of encouragement.
74. Addy's happiness and innocence.
75. The intricate movement of a caterpillar.
76. The lake by our house.
77. A warm bed to sleep in.
78. Danny complimenting me.
79. A hot shower.
80. The changing colors of leaves.
81. Danny's sense of humor. 
82. God's partnership.
83. God's grace, love and mercy.
84. The story of Job.
85. God turning our ashes into beauty.
86. The chirping of birds when I first wake up reminding me that God has given me another day.
87. God rising and setting the sun.
88. A deep, early morning prayer. 
89. Food on the table. 
90. A roof over my head.

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