Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thankfulness Part 2

I've had a lot of fun continuing my list of things I'm grateful for and that make me joyful. 
Here are a few more.....

12. Watching Addy dream and sleep.
13. The aroma of coffee.
14. Random acts of kindness.
15. Smiling at a stranger.
16. Crisp cool air of Fall.
17. The hill at Evie's gravesite where I find solitude.
18. Quiet moments in prayer.
19. A message or worship song that moves my heart at church.
20. Long holiday weekends.
21. A softened heart after an argument.
22. An inspiring quote.
23. Moments of clarity and peace.
24. Reminders of what Christ did for me on the cross.
25. Finding ways to love people even when they hurt me. 
26. Accomplishing a goal.
27. The gospels.
28. Giving a gift.
29. My Mom's gift of listening.
30. Childhood memories.
31. Evening strolls with Danny, Addy and the doggies.
32. The Christmas mountain trip after we lost Evie where we found a renewed spirit.
33. Mom's scrambled egg sandwiches.
34. Date nights with Danny.
35. The smell of Christmas trees. 
36. Slowing down to relax.
37. Laughing at the silliest things when I'm with my sister. 
38. Celebrating Birthdays.
39. Piling in the car for a road trip to my hometown in NC with the whole family.
40. Celebrating Weddings.
41. Singing in the car.
42. My sister's encouraging words of wisdom.
43. Cozy Sundays.
44. A friend asking me to spend time with them.
45. Mom's home cooking.
46. When God moves my heart to do something when I don't want to do it. 
47. The noise of laughter and happiness at family gatherings.
48. A relaxing bubble bath.
49. Helping someone in need.
50. An exhilarating run.
51. A phone call from Danny. 
52. A familiar smell that takes you into the past. 
53. The laughter and innocence of my nephews, Will and Jack. 
54. Celebrating new life.

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